The Norsk Gjenvinning Group

The Norsk Gjenvinning Group is Norway’s leading recycling company offering a wide range of sustainable waste management services and providing secondary raw materials.

Norsk Gjenvinning is present in two markets; upstream and downstream;

  • In the upstream market, Norsk Gjenvinning provides waste management services to local businesses, the municipal sector and private households in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom
  • The downstream markets consist of  production/pre-treatment and sales of (i) secondary raw materials, such as recovered paper, plastic and metals to  commodity producers in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia and (ii) fuels to waste-to-energy customers in Norway and Sweden


The Group’s vision is to turn waste into the resources needed for the future. Supporting the circular economy, our services encourage turning more and more waste into raw materials and resources needed for the future.

The Group’s mission is to work tirelessly to become the most influential recycling company in the Nordic region. Four key values constitute the base of this effort. These four are team spirit, responsibility, proactivity and salesmanship.

The Group has 1,500 employees, 40,000 customers and handles 1.7 million tonnes of waste per year – 40% of which goes to material recycling, 45% to energy recycling and 15% to landfill.  

The Group’s businesses consist of the following divisions:

  • Division Recycling: Operations include collection, sorting and treatment/recycling of mixed industrial waste, paper, plastics, wood chips and other non-hazardous waste fractions, and operation of municipal recycling stations
  • Division Metal: Operations include collection, sorting and treatment/recycling of all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including vehicles, cables, and electrical waste
  • Division Industry & Offshore: Operations include (i) Collection and treatment of hazardous waste, (ii) Industrial services, including tank cleaning, plant maintenance stops, cleaning of sand traps and oil separators, pipe inspection and high pressure suction, and (iii) Emergency services (oil spills, etc.)
  • Division Household Collection: Operations consist of collection of household waste on behalf of Norwegian and Swedish municipalities
  • Other Business areas: Operations include (i) Downstream sales of processed waste and trading, (ii) Secure handling and destruction of documents, (iii) Development and operation of Landfill projects, (iv) Demolition and restoration of buildings and (v) all other businesses


Norsk Gjenvinning Norge AS 

Lysaker Torg 35
Postboks 567 Skøyen
NO-0214 OSLO

Phone: +47 22 12 96 00
Fax: +47 22 12 96 01

Investor relations

Key figures

  • Employees: 1,500
  • Revenue: 4,2 billion NOK
  • Customers: 40,000
  • Locations: 90
  • Collected waste volumes: 1,700,000 tons per year